Let's be honest, music gets us through the day more than anything else. Some of my public playlists on Spotify include "hyping myself up to do things that scare me" and "relatively happy and a little bit sad". The best part? I always feature your suggestions when I'm building a playlist - check out my Instagram to catch the next one.


Ever type into the Safari mobile search bar: "how to find my style"? That was me basically all of 2021. Check out my Pinterest boards to get style inspiration before you go shopping for secondhand clothes, studio apartment decor, or even your weekly grocery shopping.


Really just owning the 2006 vibe with this blog situation. Covering how to rent clothes online, small apartment living room ideas, how to control your emotions, validation for feeling overwhelmed or lost in a job or relationship, even how to take better photos with an iPhone.


You can find a few linocut relief prints I have available for purchase through the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. These prints were completed as part of my BFA studio capstone exhibition in 2019 at Oklahoma State University.