• Audrey Kominski

Focus on Purpose in 2022

2021 focused on beauty: finding beauty in every day, feeling beautiful, being in awe of art and nature or human connection.

Beauty is so important and I will come to bat for it until the day I die. A golden hour shadow or a nice wall/window combination makes my heart feel so much...and for me, feeling emotions = feeling like an alive human.

But lately I've been thinking there has to be an "and" here. Because finding beauty alone won't make me feel like I had a great day at work, showed up in my relationships, and looked after myself.

The thing is: if I just spent a year looking for beauty in the everyday, I can also look for purpose in the everyday.

So for 2022:

I am experimenting with focusing on different actions that connect me to purpose.

  • Speaking up with my ideas at work even though I'm scared of sounding stupid

  • Making my husband laugh when we both could use it

  • Skipping makeup to be kind to my skin even if it means I don't feel great

  • Showing up for family facetimes and texting my friends often

It's not every one of these every day, or achievements that may or may not come every day. I will sound stupid at work sometimes! But if I speak my mind with thoughts only I can contribute because I am a unique human, I will still feel like I lived with purpose that day.

Put a different way:

I just spent a year wildly defining what makes me feel like me, what I'm drawn to, what I like or don't like in clothes / design / art / relationships / iced coffee / weather / music / modes of transportation.

She's here!

How can she bring herself to each random Tuesday in a way that honors her?

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