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New Artist Resources

At least three different friends just this week have come to me asking for artist / solo entrepreneur advice and resources. So I'm compiling a brief list of recommendations that have helped me as well as others I know.

💡 Top Tips 💡

1. Open a separate checking account to keep income and expenses quickly and easily trackable. Save all of your receipts (creating an email folder for online purchases is a great idea).

2. Build an email list. Even if you're selling stickers at your college campus art fair and Instagram is your "website" because you're broke, put out a pen and a clipboard.

3. JUST. DO. IT. You can always upgrade to the higher premium plan later, you can perfect packaging later, you can re-record a new intro later. Do the best you can with what you have, and then do better once you have more knowledge and income. Rome wasn't built in a day!

📓 Top Resources 📓

CreativeMornings for virtual "field trips" and inspiring local speaker/networking events in most major cities

Her First $100K for financial management empowerment for women (there's a full-fledged Business Bootcamp as well as a TON of individual resources) (Work of Art) for essential business skills specifically tailored to artists/creatives in a workbook format. Even better, register to take this class in person at a partner organization if you're in the KC metro.

There's a podcast or book for every niche out there, and you would be amazed at what services/equipment your local library offers. Type "artist resources [your city]" into Google and familiarize yourself with local organizations that offer classes, open calls, and funding opportunities.

You owe it to yourself to pursue your passion.

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