• Audrey Kominski

Relationships are Allowed to be Hard

I don't know if anyone has told you lately (or ever), but relationships are really f@!$ing hard. And if you're dating, or you're engaged, or you're married, and you feel like you're not allowed to think it's're allowed to think it's hard.

It's worth it in so many ways. I truly believe the intimacy you can achieve with a partner is something you ONLY get through the monotonous drudgery of living life alongside them day in and day out.

But hi, monotonous drudgery? Sound like something you're enthusiastically signing up for with all your hopes and dreams after sleeping 6- and working 8+ hours on a Wednesday? Me either.

It's HARD work to show up for someone all the time, and feel like you miss out on showing up for yourself. Especially if you're watching your friends move across the country just because they can, or redecorate their studio apartment exactly the way they want.

Definitely practice compassion with your friends and hear them out because from what I remember in the dark ages of my freshman year of college, dating sucks too. I think being in your 20's just sucks in general if we're being honest. But at the end of the day, just because you're in an LTR doesn't mean you don't have problems too.

It's Valentine's month and I'm proud of you beautiful human!!

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