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14 Questions on Friendship

Last night I read one of my journals from my senior year of college. When I was planning my capstone exhibition and my brain wouldn't shut up, I would switch to writing questions over the pressure to think of ideas.

Here's a selection of questions on FRIENDSHIP from 2018:

What makes people feel close to other people? Why can people feel lonely in a crowded room? Especially a room full of friends and family? How is it that people doubt whether their friends really like them?

Is there a magic ratio of deep talks to shared laughs for a perfect level of intimacy in friendship? If so, how many of each? What is the moment when a friend becomes a best friend, and how permanent is it?

How do people decide on whom to let in and how far? How do people decide on whom to shut out or talk about behind their backs? When two people go from enemies to friends, what changed? Vice versa?

Why can't everyone just understand everyone? Why are we constantly oscillating between isolation and connection? Is technology helping or hurting our friendships?

Dated 8/29/18 in a journal in which I wrote on the first page, "it's hard to separate life discoveries from art discoveries but maybe they are the same thing."

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